10 Easy Tactics You Can Apply To Drive More Traffic To Your Website TODAY!

Starting your own business can be overwhelming, especially when you want to be visible to the public online. Once you’ve set up your own website, you can’t wait for people to contact you immediately as soon as they visit your brand new site. Unfortunately, no one ever does.

So you try to figure out what you did wrong or if there’s anything you can do to step up your game. How do you attract more visitors? How do you make your brand known to people who will need your services? For some people who are just starting out, they think hiring a marketing team will easily get them the results they want FAST. But that rarely ever happens. Wasting away hard-earned money, they pay thousands to “experts” promising them fast results, only to end up with zero visibility with less money in their bank accounts now.

What most people don’t know is that marketing will take time. It’s not a get rich quick scheme where you can start earning a lot of money once you go online and spend on ads. It doesn’t work that way. It takes months and if the execution isn’t flawless, then you won’t likely see results.

Here are helpful tactics you can do to drive more traffic to your new website:


Leave valuable comments on blogs without spamming


One easy technique you can apply to get noticed is by leaving comments on blogs where people who will need your services can find you. If you offer marketing services, visit blogs of marketing companies and personalities and offer valuable comments on their posts.

Don’t settle for a simple “Nice work!”

Leave information that will also be helpful for anyone who happens to read your comments. Whether you submit a constructive criticism or additional information to what was already discussed on the blog post, people will find you helpful and worthy of a click (which will lead them to your profile or your website).

It’s best to be the first one to comment so people can easily spot you. Leave links to your own site and as much as possible, leave as many comments as you can. A minimum of 10 comments a day will help you raise awareness of your brand. You can also do this on several social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Help people on Twitter and you’ll get tweets.


Twitter can still be a powerful platform for your business if you know how to use it. For some entrepreneurs, they improve their social media presence just by helping people with any of their concerns.

As soon as you check in on your Twitter account, search for people who are talking about your competitor’s products and services. Reply to anyone who needs help. Don’t discuss about your company when you help them. Once they see how helpful you are, they’ll visit your profile and they’ll be directed to your website.

The important thing to take note here is you have to be genuine in helping other people. Once people start noticing your help, they will get interested in following you for future help.


Do business with small affiliates


Whatever industry you’re in, you’ll encounter several affiliates. For most businesses, they would often seek help by creating an affiliate program where they pay marketers when they drive them a sale or a lead. Find affiliate programs by going to your competitors’ sites. Once you do, perform a Google search for “competitor name vs.” and list down all the websites that have written an article about your competitors. Send out emails to these website owners and offer them your own affiliate program.

While this tactic may give you the least amount of visitors, it’s proven to convert more as these articles written to feature you and what you offer tend to drive more sales.


Hire guest writers


This is one of the most helpful tactics to apply to drive more traffic to your website. Open your blog to a writing collaboration with writers who have a following. Since their name will also be featured on the blog post, they will more likely share it on their own social media platforms. – which will help your website become more visible to the public – most importantly, to your future clients.

Once your website gets more popular, more writers will approach you to write for your blog for free. Publish as many articles from your guest writers as you can to help spread the word about your business quickly.


Have your own podcast and invite guests to talk about their specialties.


Podcasts have become a very popular platform for entrepreneurs around the world. Whether they are just starting in the business or have already created a massive following, they often release a new podcast episode that has informative content which normally feature guests in the same field as them. You don’t have to release a new podcast weekly. You need to find people who are worthy of becoming guests to your podcasts. Either they are an expert of the field your business is in or they offer valuable content that can be connected to your business, invite them to be your guests and ask them if they can share your podcast episode to their social media accounts to drive more traffic to your website.

Extra tip: You have to pop your podcast into your main site to ensure more traffic.


Become your group’s Rising Star


If you’re looking for new Facebook groups to join for networking, choose one with over 1,000 to 17,000 groups only. This will improve your chances of being heard without the hassle of getting overshadowed by other members’ posts. Since you’re new to these groups, post 4 to 5 times and make them engaging as much as possible. Leave comments to anyone who responds to your posts and provide valuable information as often as you can.

The more interaction and activity you have in the group, the more likely you’ll become the group’s Rising Star. When the right opportunity appears, promote your product and your services and leave links to your website so people can be directed to it.


Co-publish content


Whether you admit it or not, creating content can be exhausting. It’s not easy and knowing that you have many competitors out there, you need to publish as many valuable content as possible just to keep up. This is why a lot of companies are open to co-publishing a content. Take this opportunity to get your name out there and build a good reputation to their audience. Offer them content that allows them to take half the credit even if it means you do most of the work.

When you co-publish a content with a popular company, this will generate a thousand (or even a million views) on their website but it would also help put the spotlight on you when they give credit to your name (and when you talk about your company on the published articles).


Hire micro-influencers


Head to your Instagram account and you’ll see people with over 10,000 followers promote products and services and casually mention #ad after their caption. Instagram has become a great place to market your products and services. As long as you keep your stories and posts catchy, you can easily convert them to sales. But another way to drive traffic to your website is by hiring influencers to talk about your business on their Stories.


Anyone with over a 100,000 followers can charge you a lot so go for those who have more than 10,000. They charge less and you can still hire them to feature you on their Stories. This allows them to link their audience to your website (by using the “Swipe Up” feature).

Make sure to look for influencers who have your ideal customers.


Generate traffic using Wikipedia.


If you didn’t know this already, you can drive potential clients to your website by editing Wikipedia articles. But before you start editing a couple of pages and mentioning your website, you have to edit pages by providing valuable information to the topic. Focus first on providing value to your community before you start linking every page to your site.


Become a speaker at a virtual summit


Once you start having a following of your own, it’s time you consider becoming a speaker at a virtual summit. Search for one in your industry and offer yourself to speak at the event. You could also offer to promote the virtual summit to your followers on your social media account and on your website. When they agree to your offer, take this opportunity to promote your business and your website during your speech – while providing valuable information to your audience, of course.


If you’d like any help scaling your business, simply email: victoria@aireventsglobal.com for support and inspiration.