Frequently asked Q&A’s about the $20 monthly advertising subscription package


$20 Advertising Monthly Subscription Package

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


How does the $20 air events global monthly advertising subscription work?


air events global is a trusted Australian online marketplace that has launched the $20 a month advertising promotion, with the sole focus of getting your business/product/service as much publicity as possible. For $20 a month, you can advertise on as much or as little as you like.


How can I advertise?


It is super easy to register for the $20 advertising monthly subscription package. Either register via the click funnel link below or email:


How often can I post advertisements on air events global?


You can advertise as often as you like (unlimited), whether it is promoting your website, your latest blog, a special or promotion you have – whatever you need to advertise or promote.


How long do I have to sign up for?


The monthly subscription is $20 per month for unlimited advertising, however there are no lock-in commitments or contracts, you pay as you go. It is a month-by-month payment, as it has been designed to make it an extremely affordable advertising choice.


 Is it possible for air events global to share my business on their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page?


Absolutely! Please email: once you have posted an advertisement on and we will add it to our social media schedule. Please send 2 x images when emailing, so we can add these images to the social media posts. Our mission is to get your business/product/service as much publicity as possible.


If I have more than one product in my business, can I advertise the products separately?


Yes. The $20 a month covers you for your business, so you can promote a different product everyday of the month if you would like. You can share your latest blog, different products, a social media competition that you have – anything at all.


Is there anything that I cannot advertise?


The only restriction is posting jobs on as an advertisement. It is FREE for clients to post jobs on, however you must go through the air events global platform by signing in as a client and you can then post jobs and tasks for full-time, contract, part-time, casual and freelance work.


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Victoria Garlick

Founder and CEO of air events global