Top 3 benefits of hiring freelance designers quickly and easily

Hire freelance designers online

Sometimes you need visual content quickly and at your price point that fits into your budget, and we all know how much content we need on a daily basis. Visual content from graphics, photos, charts, illustrations, animation, infographics, e-books, GIF’s, videos and data visualisations are all tools to help market and promote your business.

Visual content drives higher engagement and caters to people’s short attention spans and tendency to skim content.

Marketers spend more than 25% of their budget on content marketing and creative resources are difficult to hire for quick, high-impact marketing campaigns. Perhaps you need an e-book designed within a 24 hour turn around or an infographic to add to your website? The solution is to engage specialised freelance designers who work remotely through air events global.

As a double-sided marketplace, we connect clients and freelancers globally and give you the 3 main benefits of hiring quickly, scaling up or down efficiently and cutting costs.


1/ Hire quickly

air events global gives you the opportunity to hire quickly, simply sign into, click post jobs and type in what you require in the description and input your budget. The platform has been designed so you can hire quickly and let your freelance designer know what the deliverables and deadline’s are. Freelancer designers only apply if they can meet your deadline and budget. It is important after you have confirmed a freelancer that you are accessible (you can speak directly to the freelancer through the chat functionality on the platform), and this ensures that you are both on the same page. Consider having the freelancer send you completed deliverables so the designer knows what to alter for you, ensuring that you get exactly what you require.


2/ Scale up or down efficiently

Working with air events global ensures that you can scale up or down as required. We understand that some months you have more work than usual and need extra freelancer help, while other months you are marketing yourself for more work and don’t need extra assistance. A platform like air events global gives you access to talented freelance designers who are specifically looking for freelance work and are accustomed to working remotely.


3/ Cut costs

No overhead costs for you, as you pay your freelancer through air events global, so there are no overhead costs, agency fees, administrative costs etc. Saving costs is one of the top reasons that clients outsource work through air events global and it is important to make sure that the job or task is described clearly with deliverables and deadlines agreed upon to avoid misunderstandings or delays. Writing a detailed job description will ensure you have outlined all of these elements up front and ensure that the freelance designer gets it right, the first time for you.

These are the top 3 benefits for hiring a freelance designer through air events global; post your job or task FOR FREE at