Top 10 Webinar Platforms from the team @ air events global

10 Best Webinar Marketing Tools from the team @ air events global


As a marketing strategy to connect to more businesses that may benefit from your company’s services, conducting webinars proves to be effective in developing new relationships between B2B businesses and expanding one’s audience reach. For small businesses and entrepreneurs, webinar marketing gives them the opportunity to build their brand and provide necessary information, which can help in improving brand awareness, brand loyalty and sales.


For the strategy to become effective, finding the right platform is as important as delivering useful information to your audience. air events global lists our top 10 webinar software platforms you may consider using for your businesses:




One of the most popular platforms for webinar marketing, EverWebinar is highly recommended for businesses who want automate screenings for prerecorded webinars for an effective lead generation strategy. Features include Just-In-Time Webinars to let the audience know that a webinar is about to start, block dates and night-time viewing, time zone auto-detection, integrations between platforms such as MailChimp, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign and other email marketing platforms and a free training to teach businesses how to create webinars using the platform.




From the same team who developed EverWebinar, WebinarJam has a more traditional webinar platform that can be used for live events. Features include streaming on YouTube Live and Facebook Live, recording, good engagement using live chat, polls and a virtual whiteboard, a good security system, an insight to the live webinar’s performance and branded pages to keep the brand consistency.




For video conferences, Zoom gives you access to its features such as business meetings and collaborations and its webinar solutions. However, it offers limited features for webinar marketing and only caters well to live broadcasts. Some of its features include live chat to engage with your viewers, interactive polls and Q&As, and closed captioning for hard-of-hearing audiences. Zoom also lets you broadcast your webinars to Facebook Live and YouTube.




Demio allows its users to automate webinar replays (called Like Live Replays) and offers a private chat feature that lets the audience send messages only to event coordinators. It also has “Stay registered” series where people can signup once for a series of webinars. For anyone who takes webinars seriously, this platform gives insights to your webinar’s performance.




A popular webinar marketing platform, GoToWebinar lets businesses host live webinars and send recordings to participants after. It also has custom landing page forms where people can sign up for webinars and receive email notifications for the next webinar events. GoToWebinar allows hosts to send files to the audience during a live webinar as well. It also gives businesses access to insights on their webinar’s performance.


Get Response


This platform is mostly used for email marketing but it also offers webinar features. Features include quick scheduling for webinars, easy recordings that can be shared to your audience later on, interactive whiteboard and dynamic presentations to engage with viewers, good security features and YouTube integration. It’s a good choice for hosts who need useful features for email and webinar marketing and basic automation.




For businesses who take their webinar marketing seriously, this platform is a good option to consider. Despite its lack for automated relay feature, ClickMeeting offers tools that aren’t found elsewhere. Features include sub accounts where hosts can assign specific webinar duties to different individuals in the team, customised invitations, branded webinars and “waiting rooms”. Viewers can also have easy access to recorded webinars and can engage easily with the event organizer through its live chat and interactive whiteboard and presentations.




While this may not be a webinar platform, it offers hosts a chance to produce high-end, professional looking live productions. It offers advanced editing such as graphics overlays, green screen and autofades. Engagement between hosts and the audience is through a moderated chat feed and social media integration is possible through Twitter, YouTube, Twitch and Facebook Live. It’s best used for producing live video content for streaming across online platforms.


Webinars OnAir


For businesses who need webinar marketing on a budget, Webinars OnAir has “all the webinar features you need”. They include tracking pixels that can be useful for remarketing using AdWords, automated webinars that can be used as evergreen content, polls, chat functions and surveys for engagement and monetisation options.




Aside from its typical webinar tools, WebEx also has features that can be used for online meetings,training sessions, events, team collaborations and interactive presentations. Despite its lack for marketing tools, WebEx has features that are still useful for anyone who just want a platform for a good video communication system. Features include webinars and video conferencing, interactive whiteboard for chat and brainstorming, file sharing for better workflow and automated calls to invite people to join events.


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