Top 8 benefits of writing a Press Release for your business

Benefits of writing a press release

How am I going to get press coverage? How can I share my news with targeted media and publications without depleting my marketing budget? As businesses, we need to get maximum exposure for our product and services and writing and distributing a Press Release is a cost-effective and clever way of doing just that.

Press Releases can deliver exceptional results for virtually any business, regardless of its size, profit margins, profile and industry.  There are a plethora of possible announcements through a press release, including, a series of achievements, new technological developments, a product or service launch, a new partnership or collaboration, a mile reached or new acquisitions. A Press Release is an excellent public relations and marketing tool. Following are the top 8 benefits of writing a Press Release and distributing it from the team @ air events global.

1/ Increased sales potential

Aside from bringing credibility and allowing you to stay in the public eye, writing a Press Release can also boost your profit margins by highlighting the most remarkable key benefits and features of your products and services that position you as a market leader. Increased sales potential is an excellent benefit for producing and distributing a Press Release.

2/ Opportunity to brand yourself as an industry expert

Press releases are a great way to build trust and credibility in your industry. Expertise helps you gain the trust of your customers and helps in regards to media relations, as when they need an industry expert related to your industry, you want to be the person that they contact for a story or quote.

3/ Increased traffic to your website

You can do this by optimising the key elements of your copy, including keywords, headlines, video, photos, hash tags and description. Once you have posted your Press Release to your website, always share the link on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. as this will link back to your website and give people an opportunity to explore your website and what you have to offer further.

4/ Important SEO benefits

Press Releases published by several media outlets will offer you valuable backlinks to your website. Additionally, by optimizing your content, you could increase its visibility online and make your articles searchable.

5/ Opportunity to distribute your content across different channels

When you are striving to make a name for your business and get your brand name known, it is critical to explore all available mediums. Sharing your Press Release will give you the opportunity to share across different channels and introduce your business to a variety of market segments.

6/ A solid relationship with journalists

Writing a Press Release(s) enables you to create stronger ties with journalists who are looking for content to share with their audience. A well-written Press Release will enable you to capture the attention of several media outlets and create win-win situations with influencers in your industry.

7/ A cost-effective way to promote your business

Press Releases are fairly inexpensive when compared to paid advertising and Press Release writing and distribution is almost always the most affordable option. You can write the Press Release yourself or get a Publicity Writer to produce a professional one for you to ensure you are getting the right message across.

8/ Permanent indexation

Your SERP rankings will be enhanced as these press releases will be indexed by top news search engines, meaning your content will be stored inside Google’s (or any other search engine’s database for easy accessibility. This makes it very easy for journalists and other interested parties to find your content when searching.

Essentially, press release distribution is an excellent way to be found, increase traffic and sales, be seen as an expert in your field and distribute your message to your target audiences. If you are looking to get a professional Press Release written and distributed for you, simply visit today and have one of our Publicity Writers do all of the work for you.