Weddings with air events global

Your wedding is about a story – your story

Whether you are having an intimate cocktail party for 30 or a lavish sit-down dinner for 550 people, the freelancers at air events global are available to help with all of your wedding needs.  A wedding is a life changing milestone that will be remembered for the rest of your life, so you deserve for it to be perfect. No matter how many weeks, months or years we spend planning every last detail, it still takes a lot of effort to bring everything together on the day. Last-minute surprises can happen, but they don’t need to upset your carefully planned day. Your job is to enjoy yourself and celebrate, so why not enlist some helping hands to keep things running smoothly?

A wedding event freelancer can work with you all the way

While some people dream of their wedding day from a young age, others can find it suddenly thrust upon them. If you don’t know the first place to start in planning for your wedding, you can hire a freelancer to lean on. Start with your research – there are plenty of fantastic resources out there to help you feel comfortable with planning and preparation. Work out a timeline of the things you need to organise, and break it down into manageable chunks. You might like a freelancer to help with those individual chunks, like finding a rustic reception venue, or finding well-priced caterers that offer options for picky guests. Having a professional partner in the planning stages with you can help you to make good decisions and enjoy the process.

Take the stress out of your big day

There is so much to think about and consider for a smooth and seamless wedding day. It takes on average over 250 hours to plan a wedding – after all the online research, phone calls, producing run sheets, spreadsheets, budgets, sourcing and booking suppliers, venue site inspections, more research and overall management, you still need to turn up for your special day relaxed, excited and ready to party! So kick back, book an event freelancer with air events global and enjoy your engagement. After months of planning, attending events, pouring over magazines and making appointments, your time to shine has finally arrived. A number of people have come together to make the day what it is, including caterers, musicians, family and friends, decorators, designers, venue managers – the list goes on. When everybody knows exactly what they have to do, it can run like clockwork.

As much or as little help as you need

With air events global, you as the client have a choice of a full or partial wedding freelancer. Perhaps you need some help with the pre-planning stages. Maybe you want someone to source the suppliers for you, finding the top-rated providers for the cake, dresses, caterers and florists. Alternatively, perhaps you love doing the pre-planning yourself, but just want an extra set of hands on the day of the wedding. air events global can help you with any one of these requirements – it is ALL ABOUT YOU AND WHAT YOU NEED. The air events global freelancer that you use is customisable for every client and every budget. Everything from consultation, light planning or full service accompaniment, you choose the level of support you need.

Why hire a wedding freelancer with air events global?

A wedding freelancer will help with as much or as little as you need and the best part is that you get to the pick the budget. You can choose a partial wedding planner that helps you one month prior to the wedding, or someone that just helps the day of the wedding, or full service from your engagement, right through to the day itself. A wedding freelancer is most valuable for wedding locations such as private properties or non-traditional event spaces. There are so many little things that a wedding freelancer can help you with to ensure you can relax and enjoy your special day.

A wedding freelancer can help you to:

  1. Set up of ceremony details such as programs, reserved signs and transfer of flowers from ceremony to reception if required
  2. Manage the execution of the décor, styling and floral set up
  3. Greet and usher guests to their seats
  4. Coordinate the ceremony procession line up and music
  5. Attend to the bride, groom, bridal party and close family as required
  6. Support the photographer to make the most effectual use of photo time and coordinate family and bridal party key shots
  7. Be responsible for any set up requirements not looked after by the venue such as place cards, guest book, gift collection, favours and signage
  8. Work with your entertainers, suppliers and MC to coordinate bridal entrance, speeches, cake cutting and first dance
  9. Oversee service staff in the food and beverage service and time schedule
  10. Keep time and be the main point of contact to all suppliers.

Choose to say “I do” at a chic, luxury mansion, on the deck of a glamorous yacht, historic chateau or in the ease of your own home. Create your wedding brief today to get the help you need in making your dreams come true…

How to select the best wedding freelancer for you

You have the best chance of matching with your perfect freelancer when you describe the level of help you require in detail. Give information on specific tasks if you know them, and the traits that you would most value in your freelancer. If you require someone to pre-plan, then attention to detail and organisation skills are a must. A helper on the day might be more of a jack of all trades, able to work across hospitality, bridal party duties, and scheduling. Someone in this position might need to be able to adapt to new situations and think on their feet, as well as be able to form good relationships with all suppliers and parties. Once accepted, you can chat to your freelancer using the messaging function of air events global. Good communication is key to building a great relationship with your freelancer.