Important Information for Freelancers

How tax works for air events global

It is great that you are keen to be part of the air events global community and this is a quick reminder that you are a CONTRACTOR and NOT EMPLOYED by air events global. Therefore you are responsible for your own taxes as a Contractor and should seek legal/financial advice regarding all financial matters.

Each year you will make money from different sources, one of which could be air events global and all of this income is taxable. The 15% commission that air events global withholds does not include your taxes, this is a separate matter for you as an individual to manage. It is essential that you keep a record of all tasks through air events global and the amounts that you earn from each task. That income needs to be disclosed as business income and on your tax return (regardless of what country you are working in).

Additionally, you need to record the gross amount (event work) that clients pay you, not the net amount you receive after the commission is paid. It is important you keep records of all tasks as if you do not do so, you could find yourself being audited and this could possibly incur interest and penalties on any unpaid or underpaid tax.

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