Our community guidelines

We are passionate about connecting clients and freelancers through air events global. As air events global continue to develop and grow, it is imperative that the air events global community follows simple guidelines that reflect our core values and standards of behaviour. The overall aim of air events global is to create fantastic and safe event experiences for all involved.

Creating an online marketplace community that all members can enjoy, with a safe and rewarding air events global experience, requires trust. The three key words to ensure marketplace integrity are: TRUST, RESPECT and RESPONSIBILITY.

air events global enforce these guidelines to ensure transparency and validity, resulting in a safe and professional experience for all involved. The role of air events global is to facilitate a safe, professional and reliable event environment. The air events global community guidelines will evolve as the air events global community grows.  With customer support being our focus, any and all enquiries should be emailed to: customersupport@aireventsglobal.com.

1/ All event work posted on the air events global platform must be legal. No adult or escort services are permitted. A clear and descriptive event brief must be outlined (with budget included), and no advertising is allowed. Furthermore, no fraudulent reviews, artificially altering public profiles or discussion forums, and no harvesting member information for lead generation.

2/ To ensure a safe and professional environment for all air events global community, no commission-based pricing is allowed. When the freelancer and client accept and confirm the event work, that is the final amount is payable by the client.

3/ There is to be no subcontracting on air events global, therefore when the freelancer accepts the event work, they MUST be the person who completes the work. Any other freelancers will not be covered by air events global insurance, and subcontracting is not supported or allowed on the air events global platform. In addition, no transfers of accounts are allowed or supported on air events global.

4/ All members of air events global must be 18 years or older. This is a legal requirement as under 18 persons are not able to enter into a legal contract.

5/ Our sharing policy is strictly private; please refer to the air events global Privacy Policy. air events global members can only share information and communicate via the air events global private messaging system.

Furthermore, private contact details or third party links are not allowed to be shared in any section of the air events global platform.  These guidelines ensure that no social media shares are possible through channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, personal websites, personal emails, addresses or phone numbers. The sharing of personal information is not supported on the air events global platform.

6/ The payment system is cashless and is hosted through air events global secure payment system. When an offer of work is accepted, the client transfers the agreed upon funds which are held securely in the air events global trust. The air events global secure payment system ensures the safety and security of all air events global members. Banking details must be up to date within the payment settings to ensure prompt and seamless payment once the funds have been released from the client to the freelancer.

7/ air events global do not tolerate any negative behaviour, such as discrimination, harassment, any illegal behaviour, trolling, hatred or violence. Any of this behaviour will result in immediate suspension from air events global.

*Not abiding by the air events global community guidelines will result in immediate suspension from air events global.