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How to post jobs on air events global as a client

air events global is a shared economy, double-sided marketplace for clients and freelancers to connect and collaborate, globally. We are thrilled that you are looking to post jobs and tasks on and the best part for you is it is completely FREE. We are very different to other sites that involve bidding negotiations, proposals etc. The payment is based purely on your budget and freelancers will only apply if they can do the work to fit your budget. For example if you only want to spend $50 on a 500 word blog, that’s completely fine.

It is a very easy and self-serve process for you as the client, you simply sign into as a client and post the job or task, what you specifically require, such as deadlines and edits/amendments and your budget. Freelancers will begin applying (sometimes within minutes) and then you can view their profiles and previous work and choose the right person for you.

We encourage you to provide accurate and complete descriptions as the shared economy platform is designed to maximise the potential for amazing results for both the client and freelancer. So as much information as possible regarding what you need!

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Successful freelancing with air events global

The following article outlines how as an online freelancer you can book work through air events global. air events global is a shared economy, double-sided marketplace for clients and freelancers to connect and collaborate, globally. The air events global platform opens the global market for freelancers to book work anywhere and eliminates the need for you to have to advertise yourself. We will bring the clients to you through the shared economy platform. Please note, there are no membership fees, as our revenue model is 15% of each job, therefore the amount that you see advertised on air events global is the full amount that will be paid to you. We are not like other sites that involve bidding, negotiations, proposals etc. The payment is based on the client’s budget.

Whether you are looking for part time work to supplement your income or you are interested in expanding your client base, you will have many opportunities on air events global.

To start booking work today, simply sign into as a freelancer and complete your profile, ensuring that you add a professional headshot, an outline of your skills and attach a file/portfolio to showcase potential clients your work.

3 quick tips for freelancers

  1. Make a great first impression through your online profile. Take some time to create a professional first impression and stand out from your competitors through a professional headshot, information about your skills/experience and upload a portfolio of your work. Be sure to highlight what makes you different and why the client should choose you for the job.
  2. Stay on the site and keep communications and payments on air events global. This ensures you have the best possible protection in an unlikely event of a dispute.
  3. Go above and beyond for the client, as you are essentially building a personal brand and clients tend to do repeat business through the platform with freelancers that go the extra mile for each job. As you are building a personal brand, please ensure you avoid spelling and grammar mistakes and update your profile regularly as this will improve the chances of you getting more work.

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