Trust and safety

At air events global, safety is extremely important. To ensure a safe and mutually beneficial experience, air events global suggest the following tips:

Before starting work on any events, we suggest that you:

  1. Review the scope of work with the client to determine if expectations are attainable and safe. If you find you cannot complete any task due to safety reasons or lack of skills, we suggest that you professionally explain to the client the limitations of the event job and contact air events global customer support right away via email at
  2. If damages occur on a task:
    – Stay calm and professional at all times.
    – Take pictures and retain documentation of the situation.
    – Contact air events global customer support right away, with an email outlining exactly what occurred and photo documentation at:

Do not drive a client in yours or anyone else’s vehicle. For the safety of all users on the platform, air events global does not allow ride sharing and losses arising from operation of any motor vehicle is not covered by the guarantee.

If at any point, you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, please notify our air events global customer support team at the safest possible time. This could mean politely ending the job or waiting until it has been completed to contact us. If you have any relevant documentation, please retain it, as it might be useful information. air events global is committed to creating fantastic and safe event experiences.

As this is a secure platform, all personal information provided to us is protected and kept confidential. As such, air events global clients never receive your phone number or email since all communication goes through the air events global platform.

The private messaging system (once the event work has been booked and confirmed by both client and freelancer), allows clients and freelancers to communicate directly. For this reason there is no need to exchange personal contact information. For specific questions or concerns, please refer to our privacy policy or contact our customer support team at: