Why work with air events global?

As a freelancer, you:

  1. Get paid on time via our automated air events global secure payment system
  2. Book more work with jobs/tasks added frequently, we suggest you start your day by checking the air events global website for jobs that suit your schedule
  3. Build your rating and build your own brand
  4. You are your own boss, picking and choosing the event work that suits you

Important information for freelancers before you start


As a client, you:

  1. Find event superstars fast, searching by keywords to find exactly what you are looking for. With our event talent base growing every day, you are sure to find the perfect person for your event job
  2. Get staff fast. It’s quicker than a phone call – the air events global platform is simple and self-serve
  3. Can access freelancers 24/7 and find the right person for your event job quickly
  4. Advertise the event work for free and our simple event brief template ensures you create an ad that will attract the perfect freelancer(s) for you